“Himansh Kohli urges people to work towards a healthy environment this Independence Day”

Film actor Himansh Kohli who rose to fame with the film Yaariyan feels that patriotism is a feeling that needs to be inculcated in people. The actor says that there are small steps that can be taken to show your love towards the country. “

This love will come only and only if we care about our surroundings. Like keeping it clean and tidy, behaving well with animals around us, feeding them with at least our leftovers. Spitting and garbage throwing  should be fined. Each and every person should take the  responsiblity. Global warming is a reality too. To sum it up, we need to work towards a healthy environment,” he says.

Ask him who is his favourite freedom fighter, and he says, “I’m a Bhagat Singh fan. I have heard stories from my grandparents, watched all the movies. I have been a fan of his will power. He is a real hero figure for me. Maa Tujhe Salam – by AR Rahman saab is my favourite. Kya energy hai uss gaane mei! Ye Vijaya Mallya, Nirav Modi ko yehi sunaiye. Mitti ka pyaar jail tak kheech layega.”