“Kunal Thakur talks on Patriotism!”

The love for his country runs deep in actor Kunal Thakur’s veins. As he celebrates Independence Day this year, the actor says that it is his parents who have inculcated this sense of patriotism in him. “I was born and raised in the middle east and my parents brought me and my brother up in such a way that we were still connected to our soil and that’s what brought me back. Patriotism was always deep there in my family,” he says.

The actor says a lot needs to be done to make India a better country. “To make India the best country in the world there are a lot of things required, we need an effective economic system, roads electricity, waste management system. We basically need a systematic approach towards things that are there. There are a lot of factors which are not very important but they have been going on for years now and I feel they need to be stopped and that’s when a change will happen somehow,” he says.

Independence Day reminds Kunal of his school days when he studied about the Independence struggle. “I read and studied a lot in school about Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru ji, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Rani Laxmi Bai. I really like Mangal Pandey and watched a film on him as well. He was the first freedom fighter in that era who brought change. He brought unity amongst a lot of people from different religions also and they all stood together against the British,” he says.

He adds, “I loved this song called ‘Kandho Se Milte hai Kandhey’ in my school days. It’s been my favourite patriotic song ever since. I do have a lot of other patriotic songs too that are close to my heart.

By : V. Narsingh