“Vinay Jaiswal: This Independence Day, let’s take humanity to the next level”

As he celebrates Independence Day this year, actor cum director Vinay Jaiswal says that the day is of great significance to all Indians. He adds that this day should remain significant in bringing about a change in the country’s development as well. “I feel that this date 15th August is a historic date of utmost importance. To me, It’s like the birthday of every Indian globally. As Indians, we are proud and really value this date because everything changed from this day on. Our existence, our identity and our being. I think we must inspire people and humanity to take India to the next level,” he says.

Freedom means everything to him. “Fighting for one’s freedom is respecting yourself.  I salute each and everyone who fought because they gave their lives for us so that we can breathe free. In fact, that’s what was my message was in my short film Jai Hind, which I made in 2015 with Manoj Bajpayee and Raveena Tandon,” he says.

Ask him what is his favourite patriotic song, and he says, “There are so many great songs. From Vande Mataram to Maa tujhe Salaam. I think these great songs touch me because it gives me a sense of One Oneness. It’s like sports when India plays the country unites beyond caste, religion etc. It’s INDIA! ONE INDIA. So, these songs give me power and a feeling that we are one and inspires me to do something for the people of our nation. To me, it’s like the name of your family. You belong to it and you take it ahead with pride.”

By : M. Sundar