“Rakshabandhan is here and this is what your favorite TV actors are doing this year.”

Amit Sarin: This raksha bandhan I’m here in LA and will miss my sister as she’s in Mumbai and I will not be able to see her, which is rare. Every raksha bandhan she use to cook my favorite dishes. In Mumbai our buildings use to be right across each other so literally use to see each on almost every day. My kids are extremely close to her.  One of my fondest memory while growing up was waking up to her playing sitar in the mornings. She plays very good sitar. It still echos in my head.

This year on the contrary she can give me best gift by visiting us here in LA.

Ankitta Sharma: I would try to go to my hometown and if not, I would talk over video call and send a rakhi and sweets by courier. My fondest memories are small fights over television remote or maybe for some food. I miss him if he was here with me in Mumbai he would not let me work long hours.

Malhar Pandya: I don’t stay with my family as they are abroad and it’s a ritual since years that my sister couriers me the rakhi and I tie it for myself and after that, I send her the shagun ka gift online. I miss them very much, I miss the crazy fights I used to have with her. I remember when I was 13 years old and she’s 8 years older to me and for job experience, she started a job and I was in charge to take her to the office and pick up too as she didn’t want to travel by auto and father didn’t allow her to drive a car. So one day I was waiting down her office to pick her up and she was working late so out of ego, I just went home without her and my father asked me where is she I said that she was working and I didn’t wait so I received a tight slap on my face and I went crying back to pick her up. When I reached there, she was smiling wickedly that this is what happens when you leave me alone!

Aastha Chaudhary: Every Rakhi, I travel to my hometown for Rakshabandhan and Diwali, even if I am shooting I don’t miss going to my family. This year as well I will be traveling home and I have already bought gifts for my brother from Cambodia. There were a few things he needed I knew so I bought it. It’s going to be a surprise for him. He is 7 years younger to me so I am like a sister and a mother too for him. We realized that we love each other when I went to study my engineering and he was alone with my parents since childhood we used to hate each other and fight a lot. I used to hit him a lot but if anyone else hit him I would not bear. We talk on calls and chat constantly. I am really excited to meet him and my family members.

Rehaan Roy: This Rakshabandhan I will be in Mumbai and my sister in Kolkata. We will be far away but I believe, Rakshabandhan is all about a bond between a sister and a brother. It’s a bond of love. It’s a bond of prayers and protection. I will miss my sister on this occasion for sure, but I know her love and prayers are always with me. I have several childhood memories of Rakshabandhan. We used to have a little get together at home every year on Raksha Bandhan day. Meeting all the family members, especially my sisters and playing the whole day with them used to be something to look out for.  This year I have planned to send her something very special which she likes the most and that’s a surprise for her. I’m sure she’ll love it. But I know, for her, it won’t be able to replace my absence.

Ira Sone: Rakshabandhan is always with family. Apart from tying rakhi and exchanging gifts, we have a tradition of cooking together and exchanging letters with each other. It’s a day filled with fun food and laughter and playing silly games like dumb charades or Antakshari or some board games.

Anupama Solanki: This year is very special for me because my brother and I are working in the same state and city. Before that, my brother was far from me and every year, we were not sure if we would meet on Rakhi or not. So this year, plans are less but the excitement for Rakshabandhan is too much. When we were children, my parents sent my brother to a hostel and he was extremely upset. That time he was only 6 years old and he told me, ‘Didi nobody understands me, please, I don’t want to live in a hostel so take me away from the hostel.’ But I was helpless. I still remember the moment vividly. But now we are together and these are the best moments of my life.

Aniruddh Dave: I am planning to go to Jaipur, my film has just released and I am getting an appreciation for the role and my sister too liked the film. I intend to surprise her and I would be buying her a dress. In Jaipur during Rakshabandhan a lot of cousins gather so it is a family affair always, I remember once all the cousins were at one place and we had a blast.

Shashank Vyas: I have a sister she’s married and stays in Jodhpur. I try to visit her on Rakshabandhan and if not she couriers me the rakhi and I transfer cash so that she can buy whatever she likes. I remember one Raksha Bandhan I went to watch a film with my friends and came home late, she saved from my parents scolding and beatings.

Ssharad Malhotra: Mostly, I will fly to Kolkata for a day as it is my first rakhi post marriage. Coincidently, it’s 15th August national holiday too. I would like to gift her perfumes which I bought from Europe for her. In my childhood, I used to collect money in my piggy bank and also take some money from my mother and buy chocolates for her.

By : V. Narsingh Rao