On the Eve of International Women’s Day, Dr Krishna Chauhan is organising Miss and Mrs. India and Nari Shakti Samman Award.

On 7th March, on the eve of International Women’s day, Dr Krishna Chauhan is organising miss and Mrs. India and Nari Shakti Samman

International Women’s day is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the globe including India on 8th March. This day contains a special chance of congratulating women, honoring them. On 7th March 2022, on the eve of International Women’s day, Dr Krishna Chauhan is going to hold the grand event of Miss & Mrs. India and “Nari Shakti Samman 2022” in Mumbai.
The Miss and Mrs. India beauty contest and Nari Shakti Samman are scheduled to be held on 7th March 2022 by KCF and KCP with the names of Dr Krishna Chauhan, ACP Bajirao Mahajan, Dr parin Somani, Dr Deepa Narayan Jha, Sujata Sharma and fashion designer Sarla Pandey among the jury members.

Dr Krishna Chauhan said that this day is related to the female power of our country. So we are going to celebrate them with special honors on the eve of women’s day. Some of the women who received this award are MLA Dr Bharti lovehaker, actress Salma Aga, Upasana Singh, Ritu Pathak, Madhushree, Shweta Tiwari, Poonam Jhawar Rakhi Sawant, Zeenat Ehsaan Qureshi, Prema Kiran, Sundari Thakur, etc.
This will be the big dhamal event of Dr Krishna Chauhan.
Dr Krishna Chauhan is not only a successful film director, a social servant, but is also considered the most prominent personality in terms of conducting awards functions. He has an award function and prepares for his next award ceremony. In the new year 2022, he successfully organized the “Bollywood iconic award 2022” at the mayor Hall of Mumbai. The award was held by KCF for the third consecutive year. Held on 12 February 2022, the award ceremony was attended by several Bollywood celebrities including ACP Bajirao Mahajan, Gajendra Chauhan, Anu Malik, Deepa Narayan Jha, Ehsaan Qureshi, Ali Khan, Sunil Pal, etc. Many celebrities of Bollywood and social work were felicitated on the occasion. Krishna Chauhan has been organising several awards shows under Krishna Chauhan Foundation (KCF). KCF has been organising Bollywood legend award, Bollywood iconic award, Legend Dadasaheb Phalke Award and Mahatma Gandhi Ratna Award for the past several years.
On the day of his birthday on 4th May 2022, Dr Krishna Chauhan is scheduled to organise legend Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2022.

By Sunder M