“Public function organized in the Yashpal Auditorium of the Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute, Amritlal Nagar Award, by the Uttar Pradesh State Employees’ Literary Institute”

The date of March 17, 2019, was given at a public function organized in the Yashpal Auditorium of the Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute, Amritlal Nagar Award, by the Uttar Pradesh State Employees’ Literary Institute, to Madaripur junction of Kabelendu Dwivedi. , Language and general administration were Jitendra Prasad.Director, Secretary and General Administration Dr. Hari Om Key guests were: Mukesh Meshram and story writer Shivamurthy
Madaripur Junction of Balendu Dwivedi’s novel, Prior of Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute, has got Amritlal Nagar Sarjana Award of 2017. It is also an accidental coincidence that this work is given by two different institutions on the same masterpiece of this name. Have met.
Let’s say that Madaripur junction written by Balendu is a socio-political satirical novel and it has proved to be a highly read and novel novel in a short span of time. From now on, three versions have come from Vani Prakashan. Its reviews have been published in many of the country’s major magazines. Due to its popularity and expansion of reader class in the early period, Madaripur Nkshn is not confined to the Hindi language but also in English, is Urdu and started to translate into Oriya etc. diverse languages and the largest publishing company Harper & Collins English language have shown their interest in the publication of the English translation by.
Balendu is presently engaged in the writing of his new novel, Via Furstganj, which is centered on the background of Allahabad.Balendu explains that “A significant period of my life has passed in Allahabad. I stayed there not only for life but also for literature Kukra has learned. In the matter of literature, the land here has been very fertile. However, Man has seen that the environment here, the glory of this place and its happiness and suffering Almost absent from the experience in literature me it was very angers I’m Hoonkkoshis try engraver ironic way Vavidhyta here the ground that before the novel readers in the year 2019. ”
In addition to this, Balendu has prepared a tribute to the famous novelist and story writer Munshi Premchand, * Amar Kahaniya *, a beloved story writer. In this, a total of 21 immortal stories of Premchand have been compiled. Premchand has a profound influence on the writings of Balendu and They believe that if they had not read Premchand then perhaps they would never have tried in the literature ..! Then maybe their direction of life would be The other was the same.
According to Balendu, the biggest thing in Premchand’s writings which attracts him is the ease and naturalness of his subject and language .. This is rarely elsewhere. This is the only thing that makes Premchand and his writing a classmate.
Balendu believes that every story of Premchand reveals many scenes of the human mind with many artifacts of consciousness, with its complete artistry, various aspects of social evils and economic oppression. His hundreds of stories are such as Shroud, Salt Dancer, Chess players, etc. who are still agitating readers at both levels of thought and perfection. They are the announcements given in favor of human dignity of a timeless composer. It can be said that the stories of Jummati Munshi Premchand are the fundamental sources of literature for the rights of the victims of the oppressed sections of society, economic and social system.
Apart from Balendu, a book based on a play called “mrityu Bhoj” and Ramchandra Shukla has been criticizing a book, is working on the search for ethnic tradition.
By : Sunder More