15, 16, 17 AUGUST

The greyish black clouds clutter the skies while children find their solace in paper boats and adults rush through the trials of Mumbai locals. With the flute that plays the tunes of Raag Malhar and the sizzling chai with pakoras that
proves to be a real muse, the onset of monsoon induces a different emotion on every Mumbaikar. Quite similar, is a feeling etched in the hearts of Xavierites, as they gear up for MALHAR.
How it all began…
40 years ago, amidst the gothic walls of St. Xavier’s College Mumbai, the simple idea of ‘bringing people together’ sowed a seed that grew deeper and taller to transform into one of the largest college fests in Asia with an
enthusiastic workforce of over 1200 students and around 130 organisers, operating under the guidance of the staff committee. Malhar caters to an ever-growing audience of 30,000. The stupendous outreach of the festival is a feather in every Xavierite’s cap. Going down the memory lane, Malhar has been a host to vibrant themes that
blends all the visions of the festival under one roof.

From Malhar 2016- The Junction to Malhar 2017- Upside down to Malhar 2018 – A Time Turner, with
each passing year, the festival never fails to outlive the ardour and glorify the ideals of Malhar.
This year too, Malhar is renewed in season with a novel concept. Thus, St. Xavier’s College Mumbai presents Malhar 2019: The Multiverse- A Nexus of Possibilities

Malhar 2019: The Multiverse- A Nexus of Possibilities is a belief to blossom with astounding anticipations that choose unexpected courses. It is a spectator to varied cultures, innovations, legacies, emotions, and intentions that parallelly
germinate and travel beyond conventions. We at Malhar, this year, strive to capture the multiverse that thrives amidst us. Malhar 2019, thus is a unanimous
effort to discover the unexplored paths that lead to a plethora of new tales and possibilities.
Since 2009, the first day of Malhar is dedicated to ‘Conclave’, a forum of interaction between prestigious figures and students. It is an integral aspect of the festival where these intellectually stimulating symposiums persuade young minds to culminate a revolutionary mindset and conquer infinite milestones.
Following this, Day 2 and Day 3 are soulful engagements of events where Malhar diverges into an iconic platform for art to be rediscovered and cherished. This intricate showcase of talent never fails to enthral the audience.
Our foremost motto as an institution is to give back to the society in every possible way. The policy of inclusion and a sense of social involvement is ingrained and deep-rooted in the core values of the festival. It is a festival that
has a strong grasp of its roots but also unfurls its wings to embrace adaptation and transformation.
“After severe brainstorming, we came up with the idea of ‘Science and Futurism’ as this was one theme which wasn’t explored in many of the recent
Malhars. Dwelling deep into it, we reached to this theme called ‘Malhar: A Multiverse’. In this context, Malhar connotes itself to be a reality where many
diverse functions, ideas, concepts, and above all possibilities co-exist and converge; and therefore, the tagline of Malhar 2019 – A Nexus of Possibilities. Malhar is central to every Xavierite’s life and the college supports us in
organizing this melting pot called Malhar in every possible way”, says the Chairperson, Aayush Khanna. In 2019, St. Xavier’s College Mumbai resonates to all what it has become in the
rapturous 150 years, Malhar heart-warmingly completes 40 glorious years.

This year, with the festival taking place on 15th, 16th and 17th of August, we proudly
present to you a theme that epitomises the existence of unconventional possibilities. Thus, Malhar 2019: The Multiverse- A Nexus of Possibilities is a
cradle for new avenues to emanate, reorient and unravel incredible directions that will divulge our past, mould our present and inspire our future

By M Sunder