Get PPL License today to play your favourite “Kudukku Pottiya” at events!

Get PPL License today to play your favourite “Kudukku Pottiya” at events!

Public Performance Rights to popular song ‘Kudukku Pottiya’ are licensed by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL)

Mumbai, 9th October 2019: Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL), India’s largest collective rights management organization, has been monetizing Muzik 247’s public performance rights and radio rights across India since 2013.

Muzik 247 properties including hits like ‘Kudukku’, Aalolam, Morrakka, Thaarame Thaarame among others have created history with their rhythm. The catchy track under the music label Muzik 247 is Set to tune  by  Shaan Rahman, Sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan and lyrics Written by Manu  ‘Kudukku pottiya’ from the Onam 2019 Movie ‘Love Action Drama’ licensed under Phonographic Performance Ltd is a crowd favourite.

Each year, the film industry alone produces hundreds of songs, many of which resonate with audiences and become part of our cultural spirit. The existential crisis facing the Indian record labels today is not the fact that there isn’t an audience for their intellectual property, but rather the unfortunate truth is most Indians simply do not want to indemnify for the music they enjoy. This mentality affects numerous businesses like restaurants, bars, events companies, and cafes who consistently break the rules of intellectual property laws by playing music without permission from collective management organizations like PPL.

Muzik 247 is a Chennai based company which acquires music rights for Malayalam and Tamil Film Music in an attempt to promote young talent across South Indian Cinema. Muzik 247 is a great way to hunt talent and bring out astounding music and short films in India.

Commenting on the association, Naveen Bhandari, Founder, Muzik 247 said, “We are extremely excited and happy with our long standing association with PPL and very optimistic about the future prospects as well due”.

PPL has seen rapid growth in the membership over the past year, currently representing 340+ music labels with more than 2 million international and 1 million domestic songs in their repertoire. For PPL’s thousands of license holders, this agreement is meant to have the legal right to publically perform new hits like ‘Kudukku’ ‘Aalolam’ by Love Action Drama.

About PPL:

PPL India is a Collective Rights Management Organization affiliated globally to IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industries) and represents the vast majority of Indian and Global Record Labels for monetization of their Public Performance rights and also licenses Radio Broadcasts for its members. It represents over 317 Music Labels and over 900,000 Indian works and more than 1.5 Million International Works, which it licenses to users of these in a professional and transparent manner. It is actively embracing Global best practices and is taking giant strides to enhance value for its members by increasing licensing coverage in India and overseas.


By V Narsing Rao