Priority bags launches a new collection by keeping your priorities in check!

Everyone looks forward to travelling with comfort and ease. May it be your everyday trip to the office or college. By understanding the need for creating unique experiences, Priority bags brings an all-new collection which fits every mood, need and pattern out there.

Happening on the 4th January 2020 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Delhi, the launch of the new collection is set to make a mark in the industry. Whether you’re a school-goer, a young one stepping into the world of college, an avid backpacker or a professional, we have something to suit your personality and style. We like to add a hint of freshness with our unique designs and help you break your monotonous look. You name a requirement, we are here with a travel solution. Without burning a hole in your pocket, Priority bags ensures top-notch quality served along with style. The colours variations availed for every bags broadens the choice platter. The bags range from kids, school, corporate, trekking, file and duffle. Amongst which the new Disney and Barbie range is definitely going to be the buzz maker for every kid out there! Priority bags range from INR 500 to 1000.

About Priority

Conceptualized in 2005, Priority is a leading bag brand today with features like affordability and versatility that appeal to all. Whether you’re a school-goer, a youngster stepping into the world of college, an avid backpacker or a professional with aspirations, there is a piece to liven up your everyday. Our backpacks have been designed and crafted with that in mind – the purpose of creating a difference and bringing in style and freshness. For the little trouble makers who go to school, for college students with their heart and mind open to the future, for the ambitious corporates and for those filled with wanderlust, our bags are for everyone.

We understand the role that nature plays in your life and the significance of every phase and stage throughout your life, which is exactly why we craft bags with features that cater to all age groups and individuals from all walks of life. A Priority bag extends beyond its role; with each bag carrying a story, they are not only steeped in style and affordability but also in their ability to render inspiration. A Priority bag is more than a bag; a priority bag speaks, it inspires, and it tells a story.

By : V. Narsingh Rao