“MAHHABBHOJ” (Death Feast) is all set to premiere in PAUS TV (UK) on 3rd August,2021 in PAUS PREMIRE FESTIVAL.

MAHHABBHOJ”  (Death Feast) is all set to premiere in PAUS TV (UK) on 3rd August,2021 in PAUS PREMIRE FESTIVAL.

India is a cultural country with many customs and traditions but sometimes following rituals becomes difficult for the poor lot. Common man suffers the most when it comes to maintaining the social and cultural norms.It is believed that feeding MAHHABBHOJ to people will bring peace to the departed soul but what about the already shattered and devasted family members who themselves doesn’t have enough to eat.This film talks about the glorification of Death Feast culture in Hindu religion and the superstitious beliefs of people around it. It is an important issue that needs to be addressed as poor people are compelled at times resulting in bringing debt to them.This web film is amongst top 10 films selected films by PAUS TV after thousands of submissions around the world. Directed by Shiv Kumar, this film follows the journey of a common man played by well known actor “Rahul Bagga” who denies to follow a ritual just because everyone is doing it. How the whole village conspires against him and make him helpless is something which make it a worth watch.

Director Shiv Kumar was born and brought up in Jammu city and always had an interest in Film Industry. He completed his graduation from Delhi University and started perusing his dreams. After passing out from a film school he made his debut short film “No Freedom To Love” which premiered in Zurich International Film Festival of Switzerland and Dada Saheb Phalke Film festival 2013.His web film MAHHABBHOJ produced by Nazia Sayed and Shiv Kumar of KKONTENT FACTORY is winning accolades in national and international Film Festivals. Till date, it has won 15 awards and 22 Nominations across the Globe including Nomination in Kulalampur International Film festival of Sky and Toronto’s “tinff”. Casting of this film was done by eminent Casting Director Rahul Gaur and the ensemble cast also includes actors Arpana Kanwar, Ravi Gosain, Navin Prabhakar, Ramsujan Singh, Sourabh Patel, Dhananjay Pandey and others. Sharing the news about the film and its successful stint, director Shiv Kumar also told that Producer Nazia Sayed and his company KKONTENT FACTORY is working on multiple subjects and will soon be starting the Production of webseries for a reputed OTT Platform. About how the idea of this film came he shared the writer Umesh Uphadhay has come up with this idea which became very prominent because it’s an important social issue which should be addressed. A lot of people have been raising voice against it and Rajasthan Government took a major step last year and a lot of communities completely banned it there.


By Sunder M