Malhar- the annual festival of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai recently revealed its theme as ‘Parallax: The Legacy Re-routed”

Malhar- the annual festival of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai recently revealed its theme as ‘Parallax: The Legacy Re-routed”.

The word Parallax simply refers to perceiving a phenomenon from different angles, which is what Malhar 2021 promises to do. This year, Malhar aims to offer its audience an experience that revisits the past and re-directs the future, while maintaining the 42-year-old legacy in the present.

Preserving a legacy involves the continuance of practices. The fest has always credited its success to the audience and participants for they are the face of Malhar. Malhar strives to imbibe the values of charity, inclusivity, and community spirit, and serve society through its discourse. This year is no different.

Language is one of the most unifying yet divisive tools of human interaction. And Malhar 2021 is set to bridge the gap between communication and inclusion.

A Sign Language Workshop was conducted on August 16, 2021, in association with the Student Inclusion Cell of St. Xavier’s College. The workshop was conducted by benevolent personalities of Mr. Sanjay Mungi and Mr. Gopal Motwani of Cheshire Homes and ADAPT. With over 200 participants, the workshop was a fruitful endeavor at rerouting how we perceive communication. Participants were taught the basic ABCs of Sign Language and certain basic gestures, all while understanding the difficulties that people with hearing or speech disabilities need to face. This was the first official social cause event of Malhar 2021.

The fest also announced its Social Media Contest- “Who Wants To Be The Next CHAIRperson?” in collaboration with World Tag Chairs. All the participants have to do is put their artistic hand at work. The contest requires participants to design a physical/digital artwork keeping in mind the theme of Malhar, paste it on to a chair on the website and upload it on under the ‘Malhar Contest’ tab. The winner goes home with a chair worth Rs. 10,000 customized to their design.

The deadline for the contest is set to August 24, 2021, and is open to students of all colleges.

A combination of creativity and cause. That has been the unique path chosen by Malhar since time immemorial, and this year is no different.

Come, be part of an artistic yet altruistic experience at the virtual Malhar on August 29, 2021.


By Sunder M