Bhamla Foundation initiates “Bringing in “UN DAY”- Walk for Mangroves

Bhamla Foundation initiates “Bringing in “UN DAY”- Walk for Mangroves

Flag off by Bhumi Pednekar and Initiative by Saher Bhamla

In attendance- Aslam Shaikh, Bhai Jagtap, Ashish Shelar.

20th October, 2021 in Mumbai- Luckily, a world without mangroves isn’t something we are going to see any time soon. ‘Walk for Mangroves’, initiative by Saher Bhamla aims to restore Mumbai’s depleted mangrove cover, which serves as a protective shield from natural disasters like floods, cyclones, tsunamis, etc.

The event was flagged off by actress Bhumi Pednekar who also happens to be the face of multiple environment awareness causes.

Saher Bhamla says “Protection and restoration of the mangroves that we have already lost or degraded should have the highest priority because of the benefits to people, biodiversity and the planet. If we all attend to the conservation and restoration of mangroves not only will local communities benefit, but the global community will benefit by increasing the carbon sink of the coastal zone, helping to limit global warming”

Bhumi Pednekar says “I would like to congratulate Saher Bhamla and Bhamla Foundation for this initative. Mangroves are extremely important, growing and keeping them safe should be our environment priority”

Asif Bhamla says“The challenge is to convince people that mangroves are useful, and healthy natural environments are good for them! The only way forward, it seems, is to better inform and educate human communities. This is our greatest and most urgent challenge”

About Bhamla Foundation- The foundation began with a small cultural outfit by the name I Love Bandra in the year 1998 from the auspicious hands of Shri. Pranab Mukherjee. Initially the foundation started to conduct social activities in the Mumbai Suburbs aimed at promoting a sense of national integration and as the foundation grew over time, they moved on to focusing on large scale issues which are in the public interest and the need of the hour. Today, they are proud to announce that the foundation has over 18000 patrons spread over India working for various causes in fields of Health, Sociology, Child Rehabilitation, Woman Empowerment & Spreading Awareness regarding preservation of the Environment.


By Sunder M