Like poet Laureate Mangesh Padgaonkar,several other notable poets also gone on record that love remains the same as far as everyone is concerned but no one can
ever deny that it is a very different experience in life and love plays a very vital role in
one’s life.

This is precisely the reason why the subject of love is considered fresh for
filmmakers as well as the audience and hence different subjects of love are being
conceived by filmmakers for the sake of the audiences and out of them different facets of
love are being unearthed. The film Hashtag Prem which is being released all over
Maharashtra on 17 December also will present a novel aspect of love as well as an
entirely different experience altogether.

Overcoming the obstacles caused by the Corona and the resultant lockdown,
Hashtag Prem is all set to release by Producer Anil Govind Patil under the banner of
Mauli Film Production & GSEAMS. Arjun Singh Baran & Kartik D. Nishandar Present
Hashtag Prem In association with Sameer Dixit and Rishikesh Bhirangi’s Pickle
Entertainment. Hashtag Prem directed by Rajesh Balkrishna Jadhav. Aravind Govind
Patil is the co-producer of the film. The audiences are eagerly awaiting the release of the film Hashtag Prem, the release of which had been postponed once earlier. Frankly, ever
since the release date has been announced, the film has been in the news. The film
Hashtag Prem will appeal equally to not only the youth but also the elderly audiences
with its catchy and trendy title and the pairing of a brand new pair. The audience’s
excitement has increased manifold thanks to the muhurat first followed by its trailer and
the teaser later on.The audiences have lapped up the trailer of the film whole heartedly.
Mitali Mayekar and Suyash Tilak star in this film in the lead. Since Mitali has created her
own fan following from Hindi to Marathi and Suyash has his own fans on both the small
as well as the big screen and the audiences can just not wait to see the chemistry
that has evolved between the two bright newcomers. Though films based on love come
up with rose- tinted glasses once in a while, Hashtag Prem is different from the rest.
According to director Balkrishna Jadhav, love is a subject that does not have an ending
and is an emotion that no poet, writer or director has been able to bind or express in
words till date.
Love is free till today though each and every one has tried to define love and also
expressed love according to their heart and mind. The film Hashtag Prem has also set
out to define the different aspects of love as an emotion. A strong screenplay, extremely
talented actors, lyrics and music which will appeal to everyone, extraordinary technical
crew and a masterly presentation will definitely be lapped up with eagerness, says
Jadhav. Though it is a love story, it will succeed in appealing to spectators of all ages
without making any distinction and everyone will sing in praises of the film, says the
producer Anil Govind Patil.
Nikhil Katare has written the film’s story as well as screenplay while Raja
Phadtare has done exemplary camera work. Lyrics penned by Sanjali Rode and Kautuk
Shirodkar have been set to catchy music by music director Praveen Kunwar. Singer cum
music director Rohit Raut has composed the background music for the film, while
Keshav Thakur is the art director Mahesh Bharambe is the executive producer of the


By Sunder M