First of all the statement which says that only Muslims are being lynched is a false one. If you see after the Modi Government is formed, mostly Hindu and Dalit people were lynched. There are cases where Muslims lynch Dalits and that time nobody comes forward to complain and fight, so basically its all political conspiracy against Modi Government. If you see from 2002 people have portrayed Mr Modi as a demon and that he is against the minority.

In the letter they have mentioned that our heart breaks when Muslims are Lynched by the slogans ‘ Jai Shri Ram’ which in my opinion is a lie, I travel a lot throughout the country and I don’t see any of this.According to me Dalits, underprivileged women and all the minorities have grown in every aspect within these 5 years.

I have Statistics from 23rd May 2019 the people who have been killed were

Bharat, Matin, Shinde ( Dalit) , Vinay ( Dalilt ) and Ganga Ram. These people were killed by Muslims, why haven’t they mentioned Pulwama attack where the jawans were been killed by Muslims chanting Allahu Akbar.I feel this is all Naxal politics- these are all leftist people against the Government.

I would strongly say that klling is killing we should not cover it up by religion, its crime and we should try to resolve it under the purview of law. Let’s not use religion as the premise to justify crime.