Chaiwala’ to hit the silver screen The movie was announced by releasing the Motion Poster…

‘Chaiwala’ to hit the silver screen
The movie was announced by releasing the Motion Poster…

Tea and tea drinkers have become an integral part of the daily life of Indian people. The popularity of tea is so immense that everyone from the poor to the rich has been charmed by this hot beverage. Some people call it tea, some call it tea… But in common parlance, it is ‘chai’… The chaiwala who makes this chai works to keep everyone fresh every day. The same chaiwala is now coming to the silver screen. It has been announced that the Marathi movie ‘Chaiwala’ will start soon by releasing the Motion Poster.

In the form of ‘Chaiwala’, a humorous Marathi movie will be presented to the audience, and this movie will also work to give a social message. Produced by Hot Chocolate Productions, the film is co-produced by Tanaji Vagare and Govind Waghmare. Ajay-Udbhav has been entrusted with the responsibility of directing ‘Chaiwala’. The sentence on the poster of the film, ‘Karodo Chahane walon ka mela hai, kaun kehta Chaiwala akela hai…’ is telling. Everyone from chaiwalas to vadapavwalas have become famous today due to social media. Dolly Chaiwala in Delhi has a huge discussion on social media. In this background, curiosity has increased about how exactly the hero of the movie ‘Chaiwala’ is going to be. The tagline ‘Some Dreams Never Sleep’ is also very poignant. For the first time, an orphaned boy and a girl will be seen as hero-heroine on the silver screen through this film. Chaiwala’s back look has been released in the poster with a white cap on his head, a vest and a goggle stuck on his back Chulbul Pandey style. It will be interesting to see what this Chaiwala does in the movie.

Ajay Suryawanshi, Rajyogini, Parth Bhalerao, Kamlesh Sawant etc. are in lead roles in ‘Chaiwala’. Vinay Yerapale has written the screenplay and dialogues. The shooting of this film will be started soon. Composer Milind More has given music to the lyrics penned by lyricist Vinay Yerapale. Vijay Patil will be the costume designer and Santosh Yadav will be the executive producer. Sanjay Kedare is working as the production manager, Balasaheb Bothe will be doing the VFX work.

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