The eye-catching Trailer of the movie ‘Hoy Maharaja’ is Released…

The eye-catching Trailer of the movie ‘Hoy Maharaja’ is Released…

The Marathi movie ‘Hoy Maharaja’ has been in the news for various reasons since its announcement. Movie buffs are very curious to see exactly what will be seen in this catchy titled movie. The trailer of ‘Hoy Maharaja’ which is increasing curiosity day by day has been released recently. The trailer is getting a great response from the netizens on social media.

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LMS Films Pvt. Ltd. has produced the movie ‘Hoy Maharaja’. Shaelessh L. S. Shetty has directed the movie ‘Hoy Maharaja’. The film’s story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Sanchit Bedre. A few days ago, the teaser of this film was released. After that, in the recently released trailer, we get a real glimpse of the crime-comedy ‘Hoy Maharaja’. The main character of Ramesh played by Prathamesh Parab in this story attracts attention. In the trailer, Prathamesh goes for an interview. Uncle, however, has a lot of faith in his nephew. He believes that his nephew will rise to great heights one day. Abhijeet Chavan plays the character of Uncle. Ayesha played by Ankitaa Lande, suddenly meets Ramesh who is lost in the world of dreams and this ‘unusual laugh story’ moves forward. Sandeep Pathak’s Bhai, Sameer Choughule’s Boss and Vaibhav Mangle’s Anna are also going to make people laugh by saying ‘Hoy Maharaja’. In short, this full too dhamaal family entertainment movie is going to be released on 31st May in all over Maharashtra.

The chemistry of Prathamesh and Ankitaa in this film will surely impress the audience. Abhijit Chavan, Sandeep Pathak, Vaibhav Mangale, Sameer Choughule etc. will entertain the audience along with the duo of these two. The famous fight master of Hindi cinema Moses Fernandes has directed the action and Santosh Phutane has done the art direction. DOP Vasudev Rane is the cinematographer and Nilesh Navnath Gawand has edited the movie. Phulawa Khamkar has choreographed the song and costumes are by Janhvi Sawant Surve. Guru Thakur has penned the lyrics and music has been composed by Chinar-Mahesh. Background music is composed by Ameya Nare and Sajan Patel.

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