Teaser of ‘Vishay Hard’ – Rural-Urban story…

Teaser of ‘Vishay Hard’ – Rural-Urban story…

The melodious love song “‘Yeda He Man Mazan…'” from the movie “Vishya Hard” has been watched by more than three lakh people on internet and TV. After this love song, the teaser of the upcoming Marathi film ‘Vishay Hard’ has also been released. The discussion of this film is going on all over Maharashtra. The film industry always needs new ideas, this film is releasing on 5th July across Maharashtra with a new idea.

Dialogue from the teaser gives an idea of ​​the comedy that will happen in ‘Vishay Hard’. It has the love story of Dolly and Sandya, but the chaos that ensues as this love story ends is presented in a humorous style. Parna Pethe and Sumit have played this rosy love story perfectly and the way the co-stars have portrayed the chaos of the love story will not only keep the audience hooked till the last moment, but the motion poster, love song and now the teaser have already grabbed the attention of the audience even before the release.

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It is as if this has been told through the teaser that the audience has now there is no other option to watch this film which will be released on 5th July. Produced by fresh-faced artists and technicians, this film brings new hope. Along with photography, an attempt has been made to make this film significant in technical aspects by adding a touch of innovation to the lyrics and music.

Originally an engineer, Sumit trained in film production. After that, he worked for ten years through short films, TV episodes, reality shows, advertisements and based on his experience, he produced ‘Vishay Hard’. After watching this teaser, the people of both urban and rural areas are feeling that ‘Vishay hard’ is something that happens in their own area.

Gitanjali Sarjerao Patil, Sarjerao Baburao Patil and Sumit Patil have produced Vishay Hard under the banner Birdboy Entertainment and Kolhapur Talkies. Along with writing the story, Sumit has also directed this film. Along with Parna Pethe and Sumit, there are Hasan Sheikh, Nitin Kulkarni, Vipin Borate, Pratap Sonale, Bhumi Patil, Chaitrali Inamdar, Anand Ballal and others. Lyrics written by Nandkumar Gorule, Sudarshan Khot, Sahil Kulkarni, Sumit, Rishabh Patil, Vishal Sadaphule have been composed by Sahil Kulkarni. DOP Abhishek Shete and Jai Parikh have done the cinematography, while Choreographer Omkar Shete has directed the dance. Art direction is by Swapnil Bandekar and Vinayak Sutar. Editing has been done by Saurabh Prabhudesai. Sandeep Gawde is the executive producer of the film, costume design by Sayali Ghorpade.

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