Tammy Bartaia -Actress whose versatility and dedication to her craft catches your attention.

Tammy Bartaia -Actress whose versatility and dedication to her craft catches your attention.

– Tammy, what does acting mean to you?

-Acting is storytelling. It’s the opportunity to embody someone else’s life to tell a story. Acting is living authentically under fictional circumstances. For me acting is a lifestyle not a job. With every new role I grow as a person. I’m happy that I have a chance to express myself.

-Please tell us about your upcoming film.

– “The Legend of Peacock” is a spiritual thriller directed by Atul Garg. The film covers the topics of spirituality, awaking, enlightenment. It explodes philosophically empowering messages. My character’s name is Rita. She arrives from the USA to India to study Indian mythology at the university. Rita faces many challenges and obstacles that will shape her life. She reaches her self -realization in India. The film shootings took place in Banaras, Kashmir, Dehradun. I think after watching “The Legend of Peacock” film audience will look at the world from a different perspective.

– Tammy, why do people love watching movies so much?

– We are living in a time when political and social change bring a lot of doubts to our lives. Actors help people to connect to the new world and give them certainty, the sense that something feels right. Some movies are so good they occupy your brain and permanently become part of you. Audience laughs at character’s jokes, shares their happiness, cries at their tragedies, and even bites nails when they see emotional scenes in the movie. Sometimes people enjoy watching a move multiple times because of a way it makes them feel.

-What are you passionate about besides acting?

-In addition to my acting pursuits I have always harboured a love for writing. I’m the author of the book- “The Young Woman With An Old Soul” and “A Pink House On Wheels”. I always loved to write. It allows me to create something special, something out of the ordinary. I never chase ideas they come naturally to me. Even when there is no pen in my hand I always write in my head. When I was ten years old I got pneumonia. My only companions were books. I found great comfort in reading. I was so grateful for the books that took my mind away from the real world. I thought to myself- one day I will write a book and help other kids escape their troubles.

– What makes you attracted to Indian culture?

– I feel like I’m spiritually connected to India. For me joy and happiness started from the moment I set foot in India. I think India is seductively beautiful, magical. The ancient and modern side by side. It really has to be experienced to be understood. The steps to the temples take you towards tranquillity. So much to admire: The cultural art forms, the monuments, music, Hindi films. Watching Bollywood films can give you a glimpse into the customs, traditions and beliefs of India and help you appreciate its rich history. I love everything about Hindi cinema- catchy songs, dance, drama, colours. I learnt Hindi at Sydney University. It helps me to connect with locals on a deeper level.

-What is your motto in life?

-You can’t change the beginning but you can start from where you are and change the ending.



By Sunder M

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