On the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, the Movie ‘Ashtapadi’ is Announced…

On the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, the Movie ‘Ashtapadi’ is Announced…

A new film ‘Ashtapadi’ has been announced on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya which is one of the three and a half Muhurtas. Movies based on different topics are always being produced in Marathi. The film ‘Ashtapadi’ is also going to be in the same category. Saptapadi holds a lot of importance in Indian wedding culture, but since the title of this movie is ‘Ashtapadi’, there is a lot of curiosity about what exactly will be seen in it. In the form of ‘Ashtapadi’, a musical love triangle will come to the audience.

Producers Utkarsh Jain and Mahendra Patil under the banner of Mahashree Productions and Yuvraj Cine Creations have announced an upcoming Marathi film based on a different theme, ‘Ashtapadi’. Utkarsh Jain himself will handle the responsibility of directing ‘Ashtapadi’. The film was launched and announced with the sound recording of Lord Ganesh Song at Ajivasan Studios in Juhu. The song ‘Tu Sukhkarta Vighnaharta De Swardan Ganapati…’ written by lyricist Ganesh Cheulkar has been dubbed. The song is sung by Mrinmayi Phatak and Abhijeet Kosambi and has music composed by Milind More. The song has been recorded by Avadhoot Wadkar. Regarding this film, Utkarsh Jain said that the story of the film is the real hero of ‘Ashtapadi’. The audience will get to see a musical love triangle in this film. Milind More has done a good job of adding an audible musical edge to the love story. In the screenplay of ‘Ashtapadi’, aspects of love that have never been revealed will be seen. Utkarsh has also expressed the hope that the strong line-up of artists will entertain the audience on this occasion, and the quality production values ​​and eye-pleasing presentation will be successful in attracting the attention of the audience.

The process of selecting the cast of ‘Ashtapadi’ is currently underway, after which the shooting will begin immediately. Mahendra Patil has written the story, screenplay, dialogues of ‘Ashtapadi’. Mahendra Patil is the creative director of this film and art director is Nilesh Rasal. Cinematography will be done by DOP Dhanraj Wagh. Apart from composing the music for the songs in the film, Milind More has also handled the background score. Makeup will be done by Atul Shidhaye and Ajay Khade will be the executive producer. Rahul Patil and Nandu Achrekar is the Chief associate director.

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