Shailesh Shetty’s Hoy Maharaja is a strange comedy about getting love and money

Shailesh Shetty’s Hoy Maharaja is a strange comedy about getting love and money
In the movie Ramya (Prathmesh Parab) from the village has come to Mumbai city to her uncle (Abhijeet Chavan) in search of a job. Ramya with electrical diploma wants a casual job. He dreams of becoming a manager in an AC office. But, his destiny is to become an office soldier. Somehow he accepts this job; But he hides this from his uncle. He pretends something like ‘We are the manager…’ On the other hand, the love affair of Ramya and Ayesha (Ankita Lande) starts from a misunderstanding. Rashid Bhai (Sandeep Pathak) who is Vasuli Bhai also made an entry in the movie. Rashid threatens to get back the money Mama borrowed from Rashid. In it Jignesh Boss (Sameer Chowghule) fires Ramya from her job. Mama and Ramya have no way to pay back the money. So now Ramya, Mama and Rashid bhai come together to plan a grand theft. Now what exactly do they steal? how do Are they caught stealing? Are the police on their trail? Or, what other big don brother needs these three? It is interesting to see all this matter. Many incidents and jokes have been made. But, it’s fun to watch.
‘Hoy Maharaja’ directed by Shailesh Shetty and written by Sanchit Bedre will have to keep their heads down for two hours. It is a casual comedy in the same as Rohit Shetty’s early comedies. Well, one of the reasons may be; That is, the writer of the movie Sanchit is prepared in collaboration with Rohit Shetty. Unknowingly, he assisted Rohit for some films, but the impression of Rohit’s movies can be seen on ‘Hoy Maharaja’.
Sandeep Pathak, Sameer Chowghule and Vaibhav Mangle’s screen presence is worth watching. You won’t be able to stop laughing when they come on screen. Prathamesh Parab has a style of his own. The audience likes to see him in the same style. . The technical aspect of the movie has been perfected.

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